Friday, October 2, 2009

Its Mahatma Gandhi's 140th Anniversary today. And Google's Gandhi Logo Rocks.

Just noticed that the Google Logo had changed today. And for a good reason. It was the 140th birth anniversary of Gandhi. In India Oct 2nd is celebrated as the Gandhi Jayanti Day.

I have gone through parts of his autobiography, 'My experiments in truth' and it gives a good insight into his life experiences and reasoning. Though he lived in very different times, a lot of what he believed in and practiced is as much in need and relevance today as then. We need renewed calls for and the practice of the philosophy of non violence.

Thanks Google for reminding the greater online population of this truly great person (even given some of the controversies surrounding his life).

The Best Frickin' Deal for a Round Trip from New York to Delhi. rocks

Okay folks, so whats the best deal you have got for a round trip from New York City to Delhi in the last 1-2 years. Lets start with $800. Perhaps some of you can say , yea. I am sure you can fly cheaper.
$700..... (maybe)
$600... (i am begininng to see no hands raised)

Well i just got it for $550! yes you read the right $550 roundtrip from NYC to Delhi. Thats $550 with all taxes and fees added. No other fees applies!
And do note I am flying British Airways with one stop over in London and then returning via Jet Airways with one stop over in brussels. Now that is a rare deal! See the confirmed itinerary below.

In fact the ticket price was just $275 with some $300 for taxes (i got a $30 promotion discount).

And i got it just like that. Today.
Just a few hours ago on
I had been looking for a deal for the past few days and was about to settle on a $950 round trip on Qatar airways (a 5 star rated airline. i was excited to try them out). But their site had some issues in the online booking payment page! I tried three times and then gave up.

It was meant to be i guess because it really paid off to look at Till yesterday they had been showing flights as low as $775 but this was unbeatable.

Way to go guys. i am definitely going to look at your rates before i go to or for my future reservations. Looks like you have the cheapest airfare deals