Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures of Indian sweets, snacks and other food items from my recent India Trip

Returned a few days back from a quick 8 day trip to india (specifically Delhi). Was there to attend a childhood friend's lavish wedding (more than that soon). As always when back in India, when gets to really catch up on the awesome food, particularly the sweets and snacks . Here are some pictures to give you a sense of what we miss here in the USA (you can get these items here but its not the same in many cases).

Sizzling Kebabs @barbecue nation, Gurgaon

Paan flavored Halwa


Shelf Load of indian sweets

Awesome Puffed up Bhatures with Chole

Haldiram's Sweets (kaju Potli, Kaju barfi, Kachauris and much more)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shocking pictures of the Chilean Earthquake and impending Tsunami

Here are some pics of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Chile Today.
The questions that arises is why do most earthquakes occur around early morning. This one struck at 3.22 Am local Chile Time. The massive earthquake in kashmir in 2005 also occurred in the wee hours of the morning. Some big earthquakes in CA also happened in the morning . Go figure

Some pics (these have been taken from, Huffpo and others)

From the (see more here )

From Huffpo

And of the impending tsunami in Hawaii (the empty beaches by twitter user @rickawho)

Watch tsunami hit live on ustram -

So is a cool chick hot or a hot chick cool ?? whats your take

i came across this great line in a song for a promo video for a game show in India (the indian version of who wants to be a millionaire). As the song was themed , 'a question that may change your life (for the better)' (ek sawal jo zindagi badal de in hindi).

And one of the questions was ' Is a cool chick hot or a hot chick cool???' Hmmm ... so what do you folks think. Maybe you want to ask your 'chick' friends ...