Sunday, August 28, 2011

Images of New York City (china town, battery park city) Post Hurricane Irene

So hurricane Irene made landfall today (sunday) in New York City. Classified as Category 1, it was expected that Irene might do so extensive damage. However, it seems that the mighty hurricane decided to spare much of manhattan, and the greater city in general. Even though significant damage was report, Manhattan was pretty much spared. In fact we went for a post landfall survey today between 1 to 4 pm visiting areas in chinatown, the FDR, the south street seaport, staten island ferry terminal, battery park, world trade center and then back up to Nolita. The assessment was overwhelmingly positive - that city had hardly been ravaged by the nighty Irene. In fact, barring some tine puddles of water, a few scattered branches and the general emptiness, the aftermath was markedly unnoticeable

Here are some pictures of the Post Irene scene in New York City

1. Classic Vintage picture of the Weather Man Jim Cantore

2. Scattered Branches on Allen Street in Chinatown

3. A Fallen Bike near Chinatown

4. A manhole, possibly shifted by the might of Irene

Stood up by IRENE! What a runaway bride!

All of saturday till 6 am sunday morning we were anticipating that IRENE is about to hit with full force! What a let down - by 10 am after some bursts of heavy rain and some gusts of wind, there is no sign of IRENE left behind, at least in our neighborhood.

IT all gone - even the rain has dried up - got stood up by IRENE !

Anyways - it was good to have a day off and not having to worry about tomorrow. Well seems IRENE didnt want to mess with New yorkers and lost her vitality in the mid-atlantic area !

Here is the view from my window early morning sunday at 5 am when IRENE still had some spunk!

Here is the view from my window - at 1pm Sunday

A New Yorkers Hurricane IRENE To Do List Compared to the Regular Joe

Just captures the New Yorkers mind and spirit! Some more awesome Images as Hurricane Irene comes calling

Streets of New York City (Soho, Nolita, Cooney Island) as IRENE comes calling

Its been exciting to wait for the first hurricane hurtling towards New York City in living memory. Thanks IRENE, we needed a break from work and other mundane things of life. It feels like there is no worry for tomorrow! A friend and me even went driving out today to Cooney island, to Times Square! Though definitely not its usual, the city aint yet beat !


The Busy Epistrophy Restaurant Closed early today on Saturday

The Famous Lombardi's Pizzeria is Sandbagged too!

Empty Crosby Street

The Busy Mulberry Street is almost lifeless!

The 24X7 Lahore Deli on Crosby and Houston is shut too!

Lombardi's Pizzeria is sandbagged !

Lafayette Street in Nolita, a usually busy with Weekend shoppers is Empty too

Busy Broadway/Prince Street Area

The MTA Subway is SHUT (prince street station)

Ominous Clods looming over the city - as seen from I-278 West going to Cooney Island.

Empty Parkway street near Cooney, Island

The lone Warrior on Prince Street, 9.30 PM

Empty Intersection of Spring and Mott Street

McNally Jackson Bookstore Shut As Irene Comes in on Sunday (though they are trying to be optimistic)

View from my Window!

However, you cant bring down the Spring Lounge!

Or the IRENE revellers -

Image: On Streets of New York as Hurricane Irene comes calling- What no Media Network will Show You!

More IMAGES - from the streets of New York as Hurricae Irene Calls In

This is why New York is the greatest city in the World. You wouldnt imagine to see this when IRENE is almost knocking on the city doors. As the whole country (even the world) is glued to their televisions to see the images of Irene, die hard new yorkers do what they do best. Enjoy every moment - in my neighborhood, even though it almost empty there are people who were out and about. But these three take the prize for the coolest !

Saw them on the corner of Mott and Spring street like 2 hrs ago - making merry and totally enjoying the first big showers of Hurricane Irene

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tim Cook Succeeds Steve Jobs as Apple CEO Today

Really sad to hear that Steve Jobs finally had to go. It seems his health has gone progressively worse leaving him no other choice but to resign as the CEO of the most admired, most innovative and the most wealthy (in terms of stock value) company in the United States!

Mr Tim cook who was formally the COO will succeed him as CEO. Jobs has simply been a gift to mankind and his exemplary feats are simply legendary. Wishing him the best of health as he battles pancreatic cancer

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tremors of Earthquake in New York City - Minutes ago

Just felt the light tremors of an earthquake in New York City.
Instinctively checked twitter - and lo and behold people are tweeting that they felt the same.
I knew i was not losing balance when i saw the water in the tumbler ripple!

reports are that the Pentagon was been evacuated!

And i just dug up this report in the HuffPo published in Feb 2011 that New York City is due for a major earthquake. So is this tremor just a preview? The report was written by a seismologist at Columbia University

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An experimental Summer Drink ... Actually Came out nice

I try to mix and match, even though i am not much of a cook. So a few days back on a hot summer sunday i thought of making a nice cooling drink.

So mixed up Khus, a green colored herbal drink popular in India. With some red wine and water. And there you have it... Lets call it the Khus-tini, perhaps?

My room-mate says it looks like an x-mas drink with the green and red!

Binging on the Song Senorita from ZNMD - Terrific Fusion of What happens When Bollywood Meets Spain

Not only is Zindagi Milegi Na Doobara, A bollywood movie, terrific, but it has done a fantastic job of showcasing spanish culture and mixing in its own indian elements. And the song, Senorita, a fusion of spanish flamenco and bollywood music is simply awesome. Check out some pictures of the song Senorita from ZNMD

Demolition Squad at Work right Across my Apt ...

Over the last few days the building across mine on Mott Street has been slowly demolished. Rumour is that a hotel is coming up. its been interesting to see how a building is brought down. Albeit this is a one storey warehouse in question.

Will add more

Learning devotion from a NYC taxi cab driver

Walking to the 23rd street/6th av subway station after my wed night yoga class, i waw this taxi cab driver offering his daily Namaz (Muslim prayer which is to be performed 5 times a day) right on the street of New York. It must have been like 9.30pm. Every period of Namaz in the day as a specific time (and the last prayer of the day is to be read around that time) and since this cab driver probably was on the road, his only option was to park his cab and attend to his call of duty and prayer.

Immensely admirable devotion. I have seen Friday Namaz prayers being offered in mosques with flowing number of attendees having to make space on the sidewalks. But never something like that. Hats of to you my man! And again, the city never ceases to amaze. From wasted after-party revelers to cab drivers observing their faith and prayers in the busiest of streets of the city

My bed and Room ... So much more space..

There you go. Even the mattress is now gone. Only the yoga mat serves as the bed. And a few chairs to sit and peer outside the large windows and a table to work on. so much space, so much more room for light to glow.....