Sunday, May 23, 2010

Non stop 24 hr hacking and coding at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

What a day!! Non stop, adrenalin fueled from scratch to a fully functioning App! had a great time at the TechCrunch disrupt Hackathon - met some of the coolest, creative and talented developers on this side of the silicon valley. Some of the 60 apps build just were way out there - like the FutureMario guy who controlled the mario game with blinks of his eye (he won the competition).

we guys built the first web app that used the Facebook API and the Google Charts API to make - sort of Google Analytics for the Facebook Like button on your website

We all know how big Facebook Like button has become or can be and 100k+ sites have implemented the same and billions of likes have been recorded. provides Analytics on how much a websites content is being "liked" on facebook -

-the daily count of likes across all the domain urls,
-the top liked posts,
-the most liked bloggers of the domain
-Comparison of likiness of a site with another

We have currently built this to display data for both and and we will release the site with the ability to provide data for any given site with a feed in a week

Check it out and let us know what you think

Some of the coolest apps were the FutureMario guys, the guy who built a 3-d scanner from two web cams and laser light pointer. And of course there were the MakerBot guys - way too cool - they make printers that can print 3-d objects !!!

From Punk Rope Games to Massive Hamstring Pull to a Red Bull Fueled 24 hr Hackathon

May 22nd is turning out to be a looooong and exciting day.

Started with participating in the 2nd Punk Rope Games content along with folks at - it was great fun competing with some serious punk (jump) rope participants. except that in the last event (a straight run around the bases sprint) i massively pulled my hamstrings and was in excruciating pain for some time till the tylenol and brufen kicked in.

But that would have been a normal saturday if things ended there. Had already signed up to participate in the TechCrunch disrupt hackathon - basically non stop coding from 2 pm till 10 am (sunday) morning and then demoing the app at

And with gallons of red bull and just plain excitement have been chugging along on the code with cop - things coming along folks - check out LikeALytics - the idea is to use the facebook api to make a analytics for like stats for a website.

And then we have another based app in the making but that will happen only if we can get the above done.

And in the meantime we have been keeping up on what people are saying on the LOST Message Wall to pay their tributes for this awesome series that concludes tomorrow! check it out

Check out the video of the hackathon

lots of cool stuff around here... like the 3-d printer (print plastic based models) and the mashery opener mashed up with a usb stick!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Sucks - second time they have ditched me

This is the second time i am being ditched by - last time i bought a return ticket from NYC to Delhi in October they gave an unbelievable low price and then came back saying there was a system glitch by British airways and hence one day before my flight they canceled my ticket.

Then yesterday i decided to give them a benefit of doubt and purchased a round trip from Delhi to Newark. They offered cheap fares of approx $1120 per person - all good - ticket got confirmed and even got the booking receipt and confirmation (see above and below)

Then after one day they come back saying - sorry we cant offer you that ticket and there was a system error and we can oly offer you a ticket at approx $1300+ - almost $200 more per person.

This is ridiculous - i spent 1-2 hrs going through the site and finding a ticket and now ia m back to square one - and i have lost two days in the process and prices have gone up.

Does any one know how one can take legal action against this company?