Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FlyKly, the Sexiest Electric Bicycle is Everywhere in Soho/Nolita

The FlyKly Electric Bicycle is popping up everywhere!

For an entrepreneur, it is incredibly exciting to see one's product being used by people in their daily lives. I am sure you have met, say a web entrepreneur, glow when you tell them that you have used or heard of their baby web site

Well, in this case its not a website i am talking about. And its not mine, but a fellow entrepreneur (whose office is literally next to ours in NYC) who recently launched perhaps the sexiest electric bicycle, FlyKly that i have seen anywhere. I have seen him talk about it for a few months and when they launched with a pop-up shop this month, they were sold out in less than 3 weeks!!! Now that is awesome! The bicycle is being sold in two models - modern and vintage! Check out some pics below. Aint she gorgeous!

But what is more awesome is to see the product being used around you. In just the last 2-3 days, i have seen the FlyKly electric bicycle parked at three different spots around my apt in Soho/Nolita. One night, i noticed is parked right below my apartment, next to the epistrophy restaurant. Then the other day i saw it parked on crosby street! Wow!.

I have done a test ride of the bicycle and i really enjoyed it. It is stylish and sexy to look at. It runs on a battery but you can pedal anytime you like. It goes upto 25mph. The best part is that you dont even need a Motorcycle license!

Wishing the FlyKly team lots of success in the coming month. Good job folks!! Proud to know entrepreneurs like you. I am inspired.