Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awesome, authentic Lamb Gyros at Mohammed Falafel Star

Mohammed, who is from syria and has been in the US for 30 yrs, has been selling falafel, hummus, shawarma, gyros for pretty much as long as he can remember. He has setup shop all over east village and has currently opened his new shop at the corner of 7th and Av B (just opposite the tompkins square park, where just 3 weeks back, i saw the naked, free spirited side of the east village. I came to know about Mohammed through my rebellious friend O.

I must say, upon entering the shop, which is just more than a hole in the wall, one isnt too impressed. It seems empty and the diaply shows a few trays of hummus, eggplant, tabouli, baklava, salad stuff and stacks of raw eggplant and pita bread. Across the counter is a grill with two stacks of lamb gyros being grilled. The place is managed by just one person, Mohammed himself.
Mohammed is an interesting guy. Must be around 50-55. Wears a red t-shirt, has a head band and you see a picture of him posing as a boxer. The guy is always welcoming.

The first time was there, i hesitated between ordering a falafel or a lamb sandwich. I dont eat lamb at any random place. But i gave it a try. And i was pleasantly surprised. Mohammed's lamb sandwich is probably the best i have had. Because he really grills the lamb to a point where the fat is drained out and the meat become crispy, crunchy and just delicious.

And to add to this, he really dresses the sandwich with really fresh cut tomatoes, lettuce, onions with a topping off mild tahini. thats it. Nothing fancy. And you pay $5 for this goodness, pick up a fork and some napkins and then sit outside on the bench. As you savor the delight and see beautiful people walk by, you wonder "what else could one ask for?". Great food, gentle breeze swaying the trees lining the park, and the beautiful passerby as you head Mohammed talk about honesty, syria and life.

Its been only a week or two since i first went to Mohammed's. But i have gone back 3 times since. One with RC on the eve of the techcrunch demo and then with other friends on my night out at the No Malice Palace.

Thanks Mohammed, for keeping food simple, delicious and having the warmth in your service.

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Udai Vashisht said...

Dude I have been going through ur Blog. Seems u are having an awesome time. u better be there when i come to newyork.

you need to write about Modi bhai and his rolls. he really rocks.