Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live Blogging the Palin-Biden Verbal Bout

Its on! It finally ON and UP!. Palin and Biden on stage. Woohhooo. The popcorn is out! The coke zero can is fizzing and the debate is on.
And we are watching is live on a big screen on streaming video

Palin seems serious and looks like she has done some reading today ! All in black !
She is even quoting numbers - barack voted 96% of the time on partisan vote, $42,000 middle class income. Throwing "informed" words and punches

Biden is smooth. He denies the charges. And says McCain voted for tax cuts 400+ times. Voted the same way as obama on a bill

Moderator: Do you want to counter
Palin: She deflects the main pt. Goes to talking about he tax incentives..... Blah Blah Blah. She is cut out by the moderator . Time up
Palin is visibly upset - she sulks and i am sure she is not happy to be stopped in the middle !

Mod: Explain the tax cut proposal

Palin: Says that taxes for ppl with incomes above $250k will effect small businesses - this will destroy jobs. Says she and palin are middle class - is hammering her small girl and middle class background. Calls Obamas healthcare plan universal and that americans will not like their healthcare to be run by their federal govt.

Biden: Sorry there are not millions of small business owners - less than 95% of the small business owners earn less than $250k so the tax wont effect them
Responds to the healthcare - that the McCain plan is the utlimate bridge to nowhere because the $5000 healthcare credit will actually be through tax proposals

Laughs ........

Moving on ...
Palin is going on making general statements - referring to her Main Street background ....
Biden is being specific, smooth and articulate.

She is saying that "east coast" politicians are not allowing us to produce oil in alaska. And that instead of sending money abroad why not create the jobs here.

On climate change, she says alaska is effected most by "mans activities" . She ignores talking about the "CAUSES". Conserving fuel, controlling our hydro carbons ... we have to do "all the above"

Biden: this is a fundamental difference between us and the McCain campaign - directly refutes Palin by saying how can you solve if you dont know the causes (stupid) ! McCain has voted 20 times against clean energy..... WOW

Biden wants to create new clean indsutry jobs, and export the technology. And not just drill , drill , drill...

Mod: Explain your positions

Palin : the song is "Drill Baby Drill " We are building a $40billion pipeline - the largest." Now directly confronts biden by saying he himself has said that "there is no clean coal" .. Biden explains it was of context.

Moderator (not doing a good job - she is moving out to new topics very quickly not allowing a real DEBATE) . Whats your opinion about marriage

Biden: is pro-gay and lesbian but not exactly supporting the civil union.

Palin - tries to be generic and portray she is diverse and tolerant and that her friends dont agree with her. She wont prohibit interactions.

Mod: Be direct - do you support gay marriage

Biden: not civil union - it has to be left to be decided

Palin: i dont support too

Mod: Whats your opinion on the iraq war

Palin: brings up McCain as the warrior. Says she will "hang on" in iraq - we are not safe yet and that barack opposed the surge

Biden: We need a plan - a strict plan and since iraqis have a a surplus let them take over.
Makes a solid statement - we need to end the war. We need to get ou and McCain has no plans to end in the near future or ever!

Palin: Sorry, sorry. "That is a White Flag of Surrender". You are changing positions !

Biden: This time he seems perturbed - he says McCain opposed the funding for some funds for the war for protection. Says he "loves McCain but he has been dead wrong"

Talk moves to Pakistan and Iran.

Biden: Both are dangerous - al qaeda can come from there in pakistan. None of these guys can pronounce pakistan or iran or iraq or even madrasas . Says he

Palin: Says both are dangerous. Says central pt of terrorism is in iraq. Goes after iran - cant be allowed to be acquired nuclear weapons. Repeats what McCain said about Ahmedjinad. She seems to have learnt some names - castro etc - and again brings about the point that iran is dangerous

Moderator: So no diplomacy as suggested by Kissinger

Palin: Trying to be strong and forceful - making a useless pt about barack sitting down for negotiations.

Biden: This is plain wrong. Defends barack's decision for meeting with these leaders. Says allies are saying talk, 5 secretary of states said "sit down" and talk. Biden brings up bush - saying he did a "sti down" down with iran after 5 yrs. Says McCain wont even sit down with "The President of Spain" - he is incredulous.

The moderator sucks - a great point to have a real debate - she is just moving on to other questions

Palin: I promise you we will work with our friends in isreal.

Biden: getting a bit personal - says i would not have joined the ticket if i wasn't sure about Obamas support for Isreal. I support them full. Says so many times we advised about Hezbollah's activities but Bush didnt do anything.

The moderator really really sucks .... she is passive and doesn't know how to PROBE

Palin : picking on bush ... says many blunders .. but that happens always. Trying to be populist - country comes first - repeating "maverick" and that "change is coming"

Biden: Not impressed - says McCain policy = Bush policy. On Pakistan, On Afghanistan, On Iran - its all the same. We will change

Palin: Trying to sound informed - repeating Iran's presidents name. Also says obama's comment - we are "doing reckless killing" . Says no we are fighting terrorism and we will make a change

Biden: Says , making this clear . Full stop - saying we cant do a surge in afghanistan like in iraq. Says "three weeks in iraq = 6 yrs of afghanistan " in terms of spending.

This debate is Getting non exciting - its more like a Commentary - the MODERATOR is BAD

Biden: is acting very much like a statesman. Clear, Informed and Articulate. Palin is holding up but being very general, repetitive..
Biden is really strong on his facts and understanding.

Palin: Tyring to win some points by accepting "i am not a washington person and do straight talk". Hmm - she knows about Darfur (atleast the name) ... Ok, suddenly moves to Alaska fund.

Biden: Getting more energized. Now linking McCain to Cheney .... about Darfur

Palin: says she disagrees. Talking about pundits "who said what". Again talks about McCain and his war days... come on - say sthng about your opinions and experience.

Moderator - doesnt know how to rebuttal

Biden: Brings up the bush doctrine .... says the past administration has screwed up... this is the most important election after 1932.

Palin: Says "we are a team of mavericks" - he did she wink as she said that word. Keeps bringing up that point. Every day "working class americans", "govt get out of my way" - ends with the same old republican rant on "democrats raise taxes"

Biden: responds .... says come with me and talk to the average Joe and you will see that you will know that the middle class has been given the stick and that corporate america was unduly awarded

Palin: dont go back on the bush times - says look forward. tries to equal with biden by saing that her grandmom was also a teacher (biden's wife is a teacher) .

Moderator: Okay, Okay ... every one gets "Extra Credit tonite " - bad joke

Palin - trying to lighten things up - that she has tried to crack some lame jokes. Talking about the VEEP power and roles. "Going to go with ya ! "

Biden: About the role of VEEP - says barack asked me to "get things done" given my track record and says barack will makes decisions and will include my advise. Says "we can disagree" and that he wants me to play a very "constructive role"

Finally the statement of the night - biden get the points

Says "Cheney has been the most dangerous vice-president of all times" . Says VEEP only has the vote as a power within the legislative side.

Palin: bringing up "beacon of light" - Todd comes up again - firing up a bit and goes into a long harangue!

Biden: Says my weakness is my passion - i have been in office 35yrs ... people need help- ounds emotional ....

Palin: McCain - there goes maverick again (more than a dozen times) -- says gets too ranty and mis-speaks - "We want McCain to leave .... ooops - she wants him to LEAD."

Biden: responds to this (finally - more like a debate) - is genuinely not impressed - says - SORRY McCain is not a real maverick when it comes to middle class.

Okay - the final question ..... ...

Nothing exceptional from biden on the ending note....
Palin is wearing an american flag lapel - pretty big ... such a show mommy. for the american people.

Moderator : how do you change the tone on partisan ship

Biden: i have worked on controversial things. Makes a strong case says " I dont question peoples motivation, i may question their judgement"

Palin : "I have hired people from both sides and that there is a greater good" - Says ppl should vote for our ticket that creates jobs, creates infrastructure and energy dependence... Same old rant

Palin's closing remark - "brings the media" and says "says she is going to fight for america for middle class, we are blessed, we will fight " Again quotes, reagan "Freedom is a generation away from extinction : - Dont believe this - she has fully memorized his quote ... what a put on

Biden: "we have been dug into a deep hole" - we need a fundamental change in our policy and approach. " We dont think about progress through taxes etc - move on to bigger and more important things ... Its about dignity and respect and opportunity - we want to make a country that allows one to dream and believe that you can work hard and do it. "Champ if you are knocked out, get up and fight. May god bless us all"

That was the end - a very vanilla debate - more a debate. There goes palin - with her shrill voice finally - some how she kept it down. brings her dad and mom up on stage !!!

The most anticipated VEEP debate in history - quite a bland one - no car wrecks and no living up to negative sides.

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srivaidyanathan said...

Sarah Palin's policy has been described by someone as 'Cut Kill Dig Drill'. Surely we must heave a sigh of great relief she didnt come to any fruition this time. Hope she transforms herself, her thinking as America and the world need strong women to lead the way