Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Obama Tsunami will sweep the country tonite!

Its finally here. In just a few hours we will begin to get results for one of the most important election in the history of the US. And though its been anticipated for some days now, i think today we will finally see the full force of the "Obama Tsunami" sweeping over the usually blue and many of the red states. As he has so famously said, "There is no blue america and a red america. There is the United States of America." The hour has come when this could finally be realized.

I predict that obama will win the presidency by a margin of at-least 75 votes. And i am not saying so because every poll shows that Obama has a lead and is a clear favorite to win. I am saying this because i have felt this since that cold winter day in January 2008 when i was campaigning for obama on the weekend of the New Hampshire primary. At that time hearing him and witnessing first hand the grassroots organization of the campaign, i just felt it in my gut that this was just the tip of the iceberg. And since then the gains have been bigger, the support more overwhelming and tonite will be the culmination of the wave that has been sweeping america and driving an epidemic of hope and change.

Obama has brought the idealism, the romanticism and the aspiration back to politics. Nobody is perfect and we wont ever live in a perfect world but at-least we are making a course correction and getting the country to aspire and work towards a better America. There are many reasons why i support obama (i need to finish that blog ) and have campaigned for him even though i cant vote. But in the end, the reasons, why he will win this election are more basic and fundamental. He will win because he has shown that there can still be a certain dignity, decency, rightousness, fairness and inclusiveness in politics.

Yes there are arguments against his relative lack of experience and many other such points but in the end what the majority of America is voting for is the core principles that define a leader - character, judgement and integrity. We have all seen in the past 8 years how the lack of such traits (and the abundance of arrogance) in our leaders has resulted in such a colossal mess.

And yes, just like winning the primary was just a tip in the iceberg, going forward winning the presidency will just be the tip in the iceberg of what is to come. I feel we are witnessing the start of possiblly the best administration to govern this country in a very, very long time. Yes, i am hopeful, just as i was on that cold day in New Hampshire (a primary that obama lost) and i know 4 years from now that hope will be reality.

Yes we can. And yes we have done so. Made America a better country today. And proved that we all can see the shining star in the darkness of the night.

Time to celebrate!

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