Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slumdog MIllionaire Bags Gloden Globe for Best Picture, Screenplay, Original Score and Director!

11.00 pm - SLUMDOG Millionaire wins the TOP prize - Best Picture DRAMA - totally deseving. Some one please contain Anil Kapur. !

9.15 pm Slumdog Millionaire ( see review) just won the best screenplay award at the Golden Globes. With a big applause. Breaking news that Shahrukh Khan is also at the awards and will be presenting an award (as per SAJA). More to come.

9.45pm -Slumdog Millionaire just got the best original score - A R Rahman is a genius and he finally gets noticed on the international stage. Awesome musician and he really deserved it for Slumdog

10:20 pm EST- Slumdog gets best director for Danny Boyle and Anil kapur and the other members of the crew erupt !

10.38pm SRK enters the STAGE to present SLUMDOG Millionaire - He does an awesome job. Very stylish and people are engaged. Pinto does the cutomary line speak

What a BIIIIIGGGG NIght for Bollywood. Just the start it needs - spielberg gets $500 million to make bollywood/hollywood films and now Slumdog $$ shows how to do it.

Also Awesome to see Micky Rourke win the Best Actor for Wrestler, very touching and sad movie but brilliant made.

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