Monday, June 8, 2009

Piano Notes Wafting in a Subway Platform

New York City never ceases to amaze. But its in the small, unexpected and the unimaginable acts, sights and sounds, that the city truly does amaze one. And tonight was one such moment. I had just entered the subway at the Union Square Station (after watching the absolutely mindless and totally not worth it. Lost World) when i heard the notes of a piano! Yes and there across the platform on the downtown N, R, Q, W train was a main playing beautiful notes on a piano! That was the first for me in 6 years of living in the city. I have seen drummers, jazz musicians, flutists, guitarists but never a pianist.

And there he was playing, in the middle of the platform oblivious of the din of incoming trains. There were just a handful of people and every one was sought of caught in the stillness of time. It was a pure Kodak moment and for a rare occasion i didn't mind waiting longer the for uptown train. As you can see, the picture above and the video below are worth more than any words!

In the mad frenzy and hustle and bustle of the city, you never know when the city can send you into a time warp (as it did Will Ferrell into the land of the lost. Thankfully the mindless T-Rex didnt break the solitude and the notes of the pianist)

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