Saturday, July 4, 2009

Indian Mangoes, Kesar Variety are not to be missed.

Folks, if you have not had Indian mangoes, then are you missing one of nature's most delicious gifts. Yes, mangoes are not that popular in the USA and most Americans have only had access to mangoes from Mexico or Haiti. Okay they are mangoes but really they hardly compare with the flavor and taste of Indian mangoes. And perhaps you are wondering that if these mangoes from India are so good. then why you Havent had or heard about them before? Valid question - because till 2007 Indian mangoes were not permitted to be imported in the US! In 2007, while visiting India and signing the nuclear treaty, president bush agreed to allow import of Indian mangoes (as the famous headlines of the day went, India agrees to exchange mangoes for American nukes!!)

So coming now to the mangoes! more than 85% of the worlds mangoes are produced in India - and here truly hold you breath - there are more than 500 varieties of mangoes grown in the india - yes 500 - there is the Alphonso, Kesar, Chausa, Safeda, Malda, Dussheri, Biju, Langda, each with its own unique flavor and characteristics.

In the US, you can get high quality, hand picked and packed Kesar and alphonso mangoes. Kesar actually refers to saffron - so imagine a mango that tastes like saffron.

When the mangoes came for the first time in the USA in summer 07, we were so excited that along with my friends at that we organized a whole event tango with mango - 20 dishes all made with mangoes - from appetizers to desserts.

The kesar mangoes are simply delicious - mid sized, with a yellowish green skin with tinges of saffron , these mangoes have a delicate fragrance. Sold in boxes ten each (priced at $30/box - yes sounds a bit high but they are well worth the buck) , you can get them in select Indian grocery stores (Jackson hts in queens for example, or the India market in jersey city)

And in case you are wondering how to best to eat them, then forget about the usual way of slicing them (yea you can do that). But if you really want to enjoy a kesar mango and become blissful. then the trick is to hold the mango between you thumb and index finger and massage the mango gently from all sides. As you massage the mango, the pulp become juice. After massaging for 2-3 minutes. just pluck out the skin at the mouth of the mango and then suck the juice. And experience natural bliss!

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