Friday, March 12, 2010

The Lincoln Center Website Sucks! Slow, Error prone and frustrating

I happened to read about the 12-hr long play that will be staged in July (to be directed by Peter Stein and to be staged in a warehouse in Governors Island) and is being organized by the Lincoln center. I decided i might as well buy the ticket now because the play (the demons) is going to be SOLD OUT!

But the Lincoln Center website SUCKS. I had to struggle with it - here is how

1. I found the page that describes the details of the play, 'The Demons'. On that page is a Link to 'Buy Tickets'. You click and the site croaks with this message (and mind you it took like 3-4 minutes to load this page and that too at like 12.45 am).

2. Okay, so i thought maybe i need to sign in and then it may allow me to buy the ticket. SO i did the mistake of registering. This is what happens - Upon clicking 'submit' the site goes caput ... some internal server error

3. So i try again - this time i told that a user with my email address has already been registered! And i thought step two had failed

4. Okay, so what was to be a 5 min thing has now stretched to 25-30 mins of frustration. Anyways, i move on and login using my email and password.
Great. i am able to do so.

5. So i go back to page about 'The Demons'. Cool. Works. And in excitement that finally i would be able to get the ticket i once again press the 'Buy tickets' link. And .... damn it - its still that same error

I give up - perhaps the center doesnt want these tickets to be sold till very late. And mind you the minimum price for a ticket is $175 (yes, $175 for the 12 hr play with lunch, dinner and a ferry ride to Governors Island). Now i am willing to pay that much i EXPECT better online experience.

Why cant these organizations get it. World class and world famous to performing arts but a website that SUCKS... big time. So much so that i am blogging about it at 3.41 am !!

Anyways, as for the play - its based on the book 'The Demons' by Dystoyvesky (i am sure that is not spelled correctly!)

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