Sunday, August 28, 2011

Image: On Streets of New York as Hurricane Irene comes calling- What no Media Network will Show You!

More IMAGES - from the streets of New York as Hurricae Irene Calls In

This is why New York is the greatest city in the World. You wouldnt imagine to see this when IRENE is almost knocking on the city doors. As the whole country (even the world) is glued to their televisions to see the images of Irene, die hard new yorkers do what they do best. Enjoy every moment - in my neighborhood, even though it almost empty there are people who were out and about. But these three take the prize for the coolest !

Saw them on the corner of Mott and Spring street like 2 hrs ago - making merry and totally enjoying the first big showers of Hurricane Irene


Globalwanderer said...

this is sooooo awesome! gotta to Love NYC

brainjog said...

Is that u?

Globalwanderer said...

yes .... almost ! :-)

Eastmancolour said...

Genius! I'm moving in!