Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Fever And Watching History

Things have been quieter on the nyescapades front after the crazy, high adrenaline party last saturday.

But then the Olmypic fever has swept me and i was almost on the verge of buying a ticket and flying to beijing to join the flow of adrenaline. But then, i decided to wait till 2012. Btw, the olympic logo on the left is really cool. It is a slight twist to a symbol in the chinese script which actually stands for "bejing".

Just saw Michael Phelps win his 7th gold medal to equal mark spitz's record. The victory was just a fingernail of a difference; infact, i think he got lucky because the silver medallist was ahead through out the race and probably thought he had reached the end and so instead of powering home, just glided in tamley while phelps took a last swing and reached out his long arms to out-touch the serbian cavic

The whole stadium, including phelps mom thought phelps had finally been bested but the result board showed he had squeezed in to nail down the 7th gold. Should have seen phelps mom's reaction - total disbelief and then joy.

If you have been watching phelps winning his other races and then being interviewed by the NBC reporter, you may have more than scratched your head to wonder why the reporter asks him such stupid questions - "how did you feel in the last 5 mins", "what do you think about this victory" - not only is the guy just getting his breath back but such questions cant elicit more than a "great, it hasnt sunk in ... .blah blah blah. " but then this is our media !

Last nights women gymnastics all-round final was quite thrilling in its own right - the fight coming down the last 3 routines on the floor. Nastia Luikin always looked the better (and the mature one compared to the much younger lin and shawn johnson) and was my favorite. And she did it.

Many such exciting moments make the olympics the real sporting deal. But the real deal for me is still to come - track and field events. Have been out of the loop on the 100m scene for sometime but then just saw usain bolt, asafa powell and tyson gay in the 100m heats. Havent seen some one run a sub 10 sec 100m and look like it was a stroll in the park. Usain Bolt just did that (is usain actually Hussain? havent been able to dig the confirmatory answer). But the guy sure looks in compelete control and i am betting my money on him to bag the tag of the "fastest man in the world" tomorrow. And i think he will go sub 9.7 secs

Ofcourse, the hope is that the super confident and highly talented Indian Boxer, Akhil stunned the world champion to score a August 15th Independence Day win for India. He believes nothing else other than Gold is victory and if he goes on this streak, he could well match Abhinav Bindra who got the first Individual Gold Medal for India in the 10 m Air rifle event.

Oh yeah, time to get out and celebrate the Indian Independence Day tonite - the party spirit and vibe of the village is about to get into me in a few minutes. Will probably be china 1, again.

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