Saturday, August 16, 2008

Party Like a Rockstar at China 1

If there is one place where, i party and party more, it is China 1, a restaurant with an underground, all brick-walled antique-laden bar and a separate cavernous lounge. If there is one place, that scores high points for customer-friendly service and an overall awesome party experience, it is this place.

China 1 is situated on the intersection of 4th and Av B, right across the other famous nightspot in east village, Le souk (which has great music and a really hot crowd, but lousy, pain-in-the butt bouncers, because of which i rarely ever go to this place). And it rocks (well you sure can say that based on the pic on the left!).

What rocks about this place is it layout. You walk into a very nicely decorated restaurant but beneath this veneer of serenity and calmness, lie two hidden and underground party spots. As you walk down the cavernous steps, into the underground, you come across two large rooms; one serves as the "antique" bar and the other a well decorated, dimly light (even bordering on romantic or sensual ) lounge.

But that is just one of the reasons, why this place rocks. The other is the great staff - from the bartenders (m and mg) to the table service cocktail waitresses Tab, who is pictured above (ok, its just a picture), Reb and Ros, (names abbreviated, go ask them yourself!). If they see you are party animals who are there to enjoy, they will pull out all stops to make you feel at home and have a great time. Specially Ro, an Italian-Columbian beauty (with an awesome figure and some really nice tattoos), who, along with Tab, are personal favorite (its mutual admiration, i hope).

I have had countless nights of fun in this place - for instance my birthday bash on June 14th (see pics) , where we literally blew the place away (doesnt it seem from the big cheers in the picture?)

The place is packed on Friday and Saturday nights (read that as skin to skin, at times , after 1 am) and the two rooms buzz with hip-hop and other dance music. China 1 is popular with Asian, Indians and even the local east village crowd and is specially a place for many birthday parties.

And i havent even told you about the cool and really awesome owner, A, who really looks more like a California surfer who has attained internal peace and enlightenment. This guy has literally built the place to be a party house and is so loved by his staff (i repeat, gorgeous staff) and other customers, that many would just give up anything to be in his place. I have promised A, that one day (very soon), i am going to throw a party at china 1 that will just blow the place apart. He is waiting, along with his awesome staff for that party to happen.

As for me, i have had a multitude of experiences at this place - from nights of high adrenaline dancing (i am not sure how many people have taken pictures of me, gyrating in my full abilities and posted them on facebook or myspace. No Kidding) - well, i do have proof , of my moves, as on my birthday, a friend did take some pics. Then there have been nights, when literally, people have "grinded" me from all sides, specially when my body begins to do its sensuous dance moves (the pic on left can give you some indication).

And then there are always the big hugs, kisses and the genuine affection of the staff - Ros and Tab. Tonight, even reb, opened up (she is half Vietnamese and half Irish and i must say, simply stunning)

If you are short of ideas for a weekend party place and dont know where to head to, tune your GPS to point to China 1. You wont be disappointed - yes, the place rocks.

Of course, Daniel and his folks rock more, when it comes to pure music, at the sunburnt cow, on Saturday nights (after 12.30 am), but China 1, holds its own place in my nightlife chronicles.

Long live, the dragon!

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