Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogging using mile high Internet in the Sky. GoGo In Flight Wi-fi on Delta Rocks

Yes! My first blog from way way up in the sky. I am comfortably looking down from 33,000 feet as our Delta Flight cruises above the Potomac river with vast lush green views of the surrounding region on a flight from Atlanta to New York.

I have not been updating this blog for sometime (Lots of exciting things have happened recently. For example, an adrenalin pumping trip to Colorado and Moad, Utah) but this was too exciting to not blog about. Didnt know Delta had In Flight Wifi. So for $10/flight you can actually get a pretty decent Internet Connection and connect with folks back on the ground. GoGO IN flight Wi-fi rocks. But i really dont understand the need for a detailed registration - just keep it simple folks - pay and go !

The captain just announced that we are about to land so i need to go. Okay fellas will be on earth shortly !


De Veras said...

I'm sure the detailed registration has everything to do with liability and security. Who knows what carzy things bad guys could think up using this new technology...

The HIT Musketeers said...

well they can make the registration easier!