Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday afternoon musing in the starbucks at battery park

One of the joys of the weekend is to spend a few hours letting the mind wander, think (without making an effort to think), criss-cross ideas while sitting in a starbucks or another cafe. Off late i have found this nice Starbucks right opposite battery park. It has great views of the park and the Hudson beyond and is usually teeming with a constant parade of tourists stopping over for a restroom break or a coffee (the former comes first).

And today for a brief moment it just occurred to me - as if some one was speaking these words into my mind or that my mind was reciting a mantra from the book of life itself. So i figured why dont i blog and tweet (and also text my friends) before the thought recedes into memory.

"In the end what really matters is passion and love.. its what drives the creativity within us to realize our potential."

Perhaps it takes a sunday afternoon in a Starbucks to learn/realize that.

But i think it applies to so much to what we do and becomes. And it surely does apply to entrepreneurship because unless you feel passionate about what you are doing and love what you are doing, a start-up may never realize its full potential.

Happy to hear comments ...


Globalwanderer said...

got this reply from a friend of mine
'is that the secret to happiness?"

Globalwanderer said...

and here is what i replied 'Perhaps. At-least it drives one and drive is the engine of life. And perhaps happiness and contentment, consequently.'