Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thoroughly enjoying the magical and revolutionary iPad

Happened to buy the iPad today from the 68th and broadway apple store (you have to go see it - its awesome) and the whole experience of buying it was tooo cool - i walked in, asked one of the sales guys to get me one - which she did in a minute. and the whole thing was the size of a book and neatly packaged. and then the rep just took my card and swiped it on the iphone! the receipt was emaile d from the iphone itself and all in 2 mins!

And now i am just playing with the device - swiping, rotating, zooming, pinching and much more - including just oooogling!

here are some screenshots of the apps and stuff i have been looking at - the device has clear, crisp image and video rendition and is just meant to consume stuff with more focus. and the typing was actually better than i had thought - i was able to type the first blog and post it using the wordpress app from the device itself !!!

The New York Times App

Epicurious Food App

Watching Lost on the ABC App

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