Sunday, May 23, 2010

From Punk Rope Games to Massive Hamstring Pull to a Red Bull Fueled 24 hr Hackathon

May 22nd is turning out to be a looooong and exciting day.

Started with participating in the 2nd Punk Rope Games content along with folks at - it was great fun competing with some serious punk (jump) rope participants. except that in the last event (a straight run around the bases sprint) i massively pulled my hamstrings and was in excruciating pain for some time till the tylenol and brufen kicked in.

But that would have been a normal saturday if things ended there. Had already signed up to participate in the TechCrunch disrupt hackathon - basically non stop coding from 2 pm till 10 am (sunday) morning and then demoing the app at

And with gallons of red bull and just plain excitement have been chugging along on the code with cop - things coming along folks - check out LikeALytics - the idea is to use the facebook api to make a analytics for like stats for a website.

And then we have another based app in the making but that will happen only if we can get the above done.

And in the meantime we have been keeping up on what people are saying on the LOST Message Wall to pay their tributes for this awesome series that concludes tomorrow! check it out

Check out the video of the hackathon

lots of cool stuff around here... like the 3-d printer (print plastic based models) and the mashery opener mashed up with a usb stick!


Danz said...

it is wonderful to be in such a happening palce, where u can have your body toned up and catch up with the latest electronic stuff.

Globalwanderer said...

thanks - we had a great time at the hackathon - see

we built the first appl to provide analytics for the facebook like button on a website - see