Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Sucks - second time they have ditched me

This is the second time i am being ditched by - last time i bought a return ticket from NYC to Delhi in October they gave an unbelievable low price and then came back saying there was a system glitch by British airways and hence one day before my flight they canceled my ticket.

Then yesterday i decided to give them a benefit of doubt and purchased a round trip from Delhi to Newark. They offered cheap fares of approx $1120 per person - all good - ticket got confirmed and even got the booking receipt and confirmation (see above and below)

Then after one day they come back saying - sorry we cant offer you that ticket and there was a system error and we can oly offer you a ticket at approx $1300+ - almost $200 more per person.

This is ridiculous - i spent 1-2 hrs going through the site and finding a ticket and now ia m back to square one - and i have lost two days in the process and prices have gone up.

Does any one know how one can take legal action against this company?


Globalwanderer said...

UPDATE: Thank You - i am so glad you didnt honor your fare - You DIDNT offer me the best deal anyways - i found the same deal and $15/person cheaper at Expedia!

Wenkins Jillian said...

I have seen this story all over the internet. It seems like an Indian scam company that baits you with lower airfares then jacks them up later. Most people just go with it because to cancel is too much hassle, so thats how they make their money.

Go with expedia or something else.