Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its 2011 and with it an Attempt to Log My Runs and Yoga Practice

Its a new year. But its also a new decade.
And one of the things that i plan (we all plan, lets see how much of the plan gets done)
is to maintain a log of my running and yoga practice. The goals are simple

1. Running Goals for 2011
a. log 750 miles for the year - that s like 2 miles a day - very doable (if i manage to run every day)
b. Run the bridges in the city - i have been doing that but this year the goal is to get through all of them. There is Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan bridge, George Washington bridge and i am sure there are another dozen or so that one can run across.
c. Run in all the five boroughs of the city

2. Yoga Practice goals for 2011
a. log 400 hours of practice
b. maintain a unsupported head stand for 5 mins
c. complete the level two schedule of the 'light on yoga' practice schedule

50 weeks to go - the log starts!

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