Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan 9, 2011. Run to East River Park

Running Log
Entry: #1
Date: Jan 9, 2011.
Time : Around 12.30pm

Running Route: (See map below)
Starting Point - Mott Street
- Onto kenmare street, crossing into delancy street
- Along Delancy street Past the climb to Williamsburg bridge, passing by playfield of PS 142
- Past the Baruch Housing settlements (crossing ridge street, pitt street ) and onto baruch drive
- Crossing over the overbridge on houston street to get down to the East river park (the running track). The entire park and the track along the river too were still covered in snow/ice from the storm on X-mas weekend
- Stop over in the small gymnastic area where you can do some crunches, situp, pushups
- return route through east village, ave D, Av C
- Cutting back onto 2nd street and then turning further down at Bowery Street
- back home after turn on Mott and Elizabeth

Total distance: 4 miles

It was a slow, nice run. Good to run parts on snow/ice. Gorgeous day - Brilliant sun.
Only a few runners around. Some folks were playing ball in the snow covered field
As always exhilarating to feel the inner warmth against the cold outside. Makes every pore breath.

Note to self - i think i may need to buy gloves and a cap. I guess the temperature was 25 degrees

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