Sunday, January 16, 2011

Running log: Williamsburg Bridge. Jan 15, 2011

Entry: #2
Date: Jan 15, 2011
Start Time: 10.40am
End Time: 11.18am
Total Time: 38 mins
Total Distance: 3miles
Outside Temperate: 25degrees, Cloudy
Route: Straight from Kenmare to Williamsburg Bridge

- Started on Kenmare street, onto Delancey Street
- Past Bowery, Chrystie st, Forsyth street, Allen street Starbucks, Orchard street, to Attorney street
- Up the ramp on Williamsburg bridge. The running lane was all salted, with snow on the side. The ramp has a decent incline which can slow one down.
- Took 22 mins, easy jog to get to the end of the bridge on the brooklyn side.
- Stopped for a 5min stretching gig
- And then return on the same route - 15 min pace. Always fun to run the decline on the Manhattan side. Can get the pace up quite fast.

Highlight of the run was spotting the "Domino Sugar Factory" on the Brooklyn side, a large transport ship docked along the east river park right under the bridge and overlooking the snow covered rooftops and parks.
And yes, stopping right at the start of the ramp to pick up a blown away orange traffic diverting cone and placing it on the side (some good citizen brownie points)

Good to get out and get some cold freshness.

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