Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Log: 90 Min Class with Hugh Millard at The Iynegar NYC

Yoga Log - Focus on The shoulders, and the Warrior Pose with Hugh Millard

Jan 21, 2011
Time - 5.30-7 pm
Instructor - Hugh Millard
Location - Iynegar NYC

Just got out of my yoga class. Always look forward to Hugh Millard's classes (too bad that i cant get out from work early enough to make it to the 5.30 pm class on friday evening). But today was one such lucky day

As always, hugh's classes challenge you a bit more physically and mentally. you hold the poses longer and you try to go the extra bit to correct and enhance your pose

Today we focused a lot on the use of block to open up the shoulders and the collar bone and the sternum

1. the arm extensions using the block
2. rotation of the shoulders to open up the chest
3. Downward dog go with the blocks - you put the blocks at a 45 degree angel against a wall and then put your hands on the blocks. the whole point was to stretch the arms longer from the arm pits and then then through the sides of the chest to lengthen the body and the spine
downward dog is hard - and even after 2-3 yrs. of practice the mind is overwhelmed by th amount of things to focus on
4. and then came the kicker- the warrior pose- regular standing pose but emphasis on using a block to correct the alignment - to work on aligning the two hips in a straight line (not one pushed too back and the other too much in the front )
5. and then the hand stands, head stands

It was a demanding but awesome class as always.

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