Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yoga Practice Log: 90 Min Iynegar Class. Jan 5, 2011

Yoga Practice Log
Entry: #1 (first class and log of the new year)
Date: Jan 5, 2011
Location: Iyengar NYC
Time: 7.30-9pm
Instructor: Marcella

First class of the year. And a much needed one, after the week long 4,500 mile roadtrip and the 2 week gap because of the holidays.

Did the following poses
1. Many Downward dogs
2. Equal number of child's pose - the key learning today was to get into the pose starting from sitting back on your legs and then making sure your butt stays down and doesnt come up. That makes you stretch along the sides
3. supta veer asana - was tough to get back to the bolster
4. head stand
5. shoulder stand

And a bunch others. Was great to stretch after sitting for long hours on the roadtrip (which was awesome and more on that later).

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