Sunday, August 28, 2011

Images of New York City (china town, battery park city) Post Hurricane Irene

So hurricane Irene made landfall today (sunday) in New York City. Classified as Category 1, it was expected that Irene might do so extensive damage. However, it seems that the mighty hurricane decided to spare much of manhattan, and the greater city in general. Even though significant damage was report, Manhattan was pretty much spared. In fact we went for a post landfall survey today between 1 to 4 pm visiting areas in chinatown, the FDR, the south street seaport, staten island ferry terminal, battery park, world trade center and then back up to Nolita. The assessment was overwhelmingly positive - that city had hardly been ravaged by the nighty Irene. In fact, barring some tine puddles of water, a few scattered branches and the general emptiness, the aftermath was markedly unnoticeable

Here are some pictures of the Post Irene scene in New York City

1. Classic Vintage picture of the Weather Man Jim Cantore

2. Scattered Branches on Allen Street in Chinatown

3. A Fallen Bike near Chinatown

4. A manhole, possibly shifted by the might of Irene

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