Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stood up by IRENE! What a runaway bride!

All of saturday till 6 am sunday morning we were anticipating that IRENE is about to hit with full force! What a let down - by 10 am after some bursts of heavy rain and some gusts of wind, there is no sign of IRENE left behind, at least in our neighborhood.

IT all gone - even the rain has dried up - got stood up by IRENE !

Anyways - it was good to have a day off and not having to worry about tomorrow. Well seems IRENE didnt want to mess with New yorkers and lost her vitality in the mid-atlantic area !

Here is the view from my window early morning sunday at 5 am when IRENE still had some spunk!

Here is the view from my window - at 1pm Sunday

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